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Continuous Improvement

Warehouse workers wearing safety gear gather for a meeting

WVUIE will assess your existing operation to understand how you are currently getting things done. We will then work with you to identify a baseline, and where lean initiatives can have an impact, providing a solid list of objectives to start the process. Through implementation, we will also train your team so they understand the importance of these improvements, and the impact they will have.

Previous WVUIE clients have faced common challenges including but not limited to identifying key performance indicators, high production costs, poor production quality and excessive process variation.

WVUIE addresses these issues through process assessment, value stream mapping, introduction to lean manufacturing, KPI development, and time study/process evaluation. WVUIE also works to plant layout review and development, maintenance systems support, failure mode effect and analysis (FMEA) and six sigma green belt training.

Common Challenges

  1. Identifying key performance indicators
  2. High production costs
  3. Poor production quality
  4. Excessive process variation


  1. Process Assessment
  2. Value Stream Mapping
  3. Introduction to Lean Manufacturing
  4. KPI Development
  5. Time Study/Process Evaluation
  6. 5S and Workplace Organization
  7. Plant Layout Review & Development
  8. Maintenance Systems Support
  9. Failure Mode Effect and Analysis (FMEA)
  10. Six Sigma Green Belt Training


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