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Our Services

The WVMEP offers practical solutions to common organizational challenges. Our team is comprised of industry professionals with experience in a variety of manufacturing settings. We understand your challenges and the important role you play to our local, national, and global economies.

Client needs

Our clients across the state work diligently to improve their manufacturing and businesses. At WVUIE, we go into facilities to see what can be improved on, set goals, and develop a plan to help execute those goals. Some of the most common areas our clients need help with include connecting with other supply chains and distributors, noise testing and creating flow charts for process mapping.

Hands-on education

WVUIE provides hands-on education through webinars to connect manufactures with businesses, helping clients become certified in areas such as forklift driving and encourage our clients to continue their education to stay profitable in global markets.

Working one-on-one with our clients

WVUIE goes into each facility we partner with to address what areas can be improved. Some common areas that small businesses in West Virginia include difficulty understanding customer demands, limited internal expertise, employees bearing multiple responsibilities and challenged by growth opportunities. WVUIE goes in for boots on the ground assistance and direction to ensure these small WV businesses are not characterized as a flat organization.

For medium-sized manufacturers, WVUIE uses day to day assistance so these businesses can focus on the future. Some areas these manufactures struggle with include sustainment, struggle to meet customer demands and often struggle with execution of strategic plans.

Large West Virginia businesses are given a trusted advisor to assist with strategy, goals and objectives. These businesses are often characterized as team-based approach to challenges and opportunities. Large businesses have well defined customer relationships, internal processes and controls and improvement opportunities are data driven. WVUIE helps these large businesses with executing the strategy, goals and objectives to continue strong customer relationships for the future.