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Process Improvement and Management Systems

Two warehouse workers wearing safety gear having a discussion

Our Process Improvement & Management Systems services are designed to streamline your operations and ensure sustained growth and profitability. West Virginia University Industrial Extension collaborates with your team to envision your organization's future success and supports you in aligning your entire team towards common goals.

Clients commonly encounter challenges such as undefined growth objectives, unclear employee expectations, and the need for rapid onboarding. WVUIE addresses these issues by identifying your specific challenges, fostering innovation, and devising effective solutions to accelerate your progress. Throughout this process, we work closely with you to ensure that all employees understand and contribute to your organization's success, creating a cohesive and motivated workforce.

Outcomes from Implementation

  • Improved ability to make data driven decisions
  • Utilization of strategic plans aligned with company and employee goals and objectives
  • Standardized processes & documentation supporting employee training & growth
  • Enhancement to problem identification, investigation, & root cause analysis
  • Implementation of corrective action systems minimizing downtime and unplanned disruptions

Additional Benefits from the Outcomes

  • New sales from demonstrating the use of system controls
  • Reduced downtime for product issues increasing production rates to maintain existing sales
  • Improved process efficiencies reducing operational costs


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