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Manufacturing Processes

Woman holding tablet in a warehouse

Manufacturing processes focuses on improving the core elements of your operation. WVUIE will work with your team to understand your operation, develop best practices, and identify opportunities for improvement.

Previous WVUIE clients have faced common challenges including, but not limited to, unexpected maintenance interruptions, varying lead times, training headaches, and increasing overhead costs.

WVUIE will address these issues by working with your team to develop standardized work instructions that help minimize production and maintenance challenges, and empower your team through the application of plant floor problem solving. If you aren’t sure where to start, WVUIE can also conduct assessments to identify process improvement opportunities and energy improvement opportunities to identify starting points and address areas of concern.

Common Challenges

  1. Long lead times
  2. Excessive down time
  3. Missed deadlines
  4. High overhead costs


  1. Plant Layout Review & Development
  2. Maintenance Systems
  3. Time Study Training
  4. Work Standardization (TWI, SOPs, Wis)
  5. Plant Floor Problem Solving
  6. Energy Use Assessments
  7. Process Assessments