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Oct. 1 - 29/ Student Design Challenge

Student Design Challenge.  One lucky student will have their design used as an inspiration to create an original Blenko Glass piece.  Sponsored by WVU Industrial Extension and Blenko Glass.  To inspire the next generation of workers and entrepreneurs.

Student Design Challenge Guidelines:

Create a clear drawing of your design.

        Tell us about your design... what inspired you?

        Tell us which color(s) you think would work best for your            design.

        Color Choices

        1. Crystal

        2. Charcoal (grey)

        3. Citrine (yellow)

        4. Turquoise (light blue)

        5. Clover (light green)

        6. Emerald (dark green)

        7. Cobalt (dark blue)

        8. Tangerine (yellow / red fade)

        9. Ruby (red)

        10. Seafoam (half emerald / half crystal)

        11. Ice Blue (half turquoise / half crystal)

  Submit design by Friday, Oct. 29th.

         Send us your design via email to

         Students may submit up to two designs.

         Include your name, age, phone number, grade & the                 school you attend.

         You will receive an email when your design has been                 received.

       Design Challenge Winner announced Friday, Nov. 12th.

Remember: the winning design will serve as inspiration for an originaBlenko creation and may not be an exact replica. 

Have fun!